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Episode 010 Will I Get Sick While Detoxing?


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Vanda Maria


Hello there, Vanda Maria here speaking.

Today I am answering a question, will I get sick while detoxing?

So, that’s an interesting question, right?

What brings us to detox to begin with?

Right? Is it a failed system? Is it because we’re tired, tired of approaching things the same way over and over and expecting different results, but there’s never the result that we’re looking for, right.

And so maybe we’ve opened up to different ways of going about these things, right. And we decide to approach them in a different way going forward.

Right. And so we might already be experiencing some kind of dis ease in the body, we don’t like to call it diseases, right?

It’s more of a dis ease. It’s the body communicating to us and letting us know that there’s things going on that we need to address, right.

And we don’t need to address the symptoms, because that’s what the body, how the body communicates with us, right is through the symptoms, and we experience pain, and what we call sickness, right?

And dis ease in the body. And, you know, the medical community likes to put a lot of names to these symptoms, right? And approach things in a little bit of a different way. Right.

So we’ve opened ourselves up to a different way of approaching this. And sometimes those symptoms that we were experiencing, right before we decided to do something about it a little bit differently, may re occur, they may start to go away a little bit, and we feel good. Because of the changes we’re making, right?

And the body’s still a little bit confused. And it’s trying to figure out what we’re trying to do. So at the beginning, we might have these up and downs right?

On how we approach it from the beginning is really important, right? deciphering where the body is in that moment, and how far we can take a each step of the way is really important on so how we approach these, this process is really important, right?

We don’t need to go crazy, all out, right and trying to do everything at once because it took time to get to where we are, right? So since the body heals in reverse, right.

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Episode 009 Should I Take Meds?


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Vanda Maria


Hello, everyone, Vanda Maria here of raw and well, answering a question.

And the question is, Should I continue with any prescribed medication during detox?

Okay, that isn’t great question. Let’s get right to it.

So whatever medication you’re on, that you’ve been prescribed, I think the best thing that you can do is work with the doctor, that’s going to give you some time to show improvement in the way the body is working. That requires that medication, right.

And so you want to work with the doctor, that’s going to be understanding that you’re trying to change your lifestyle and make the necessary changes in your diet, your mindset, all of those things that are needed for detox, right?

And begin to show the doctor that there’s improvement there, and when things start improving, the doctor can then start titrating, you offer those medications little by little, and done responsibly. With a professional, so you should be working with somebody like myself, right?

A detox specialist that could read your eyes and see what’s going on, and start getting you on a program of protocol that will be beneficial to your healing and improving what’s going on.

So the doctor then can work with you on that aspect of the medications, right. And you could start then, to decrease the amount that you’re taking until you’re know, you’ve shown enough improvement, that you no longer need those medications.

So not all doctors are gonna be on board with something like that, right?

Because they’re going to be skeptical, and they’re gonna say this is temporary, and it’s just, you know, blah, blah, blah.

And so we have to do our research and fire our doctors that are not in line with what we’re trying to do for ourselves. Because ultimately, you’re your own healer, right?

It’s your body, you make the decisions. Every bite you take everything you expose yourself to is up to you.

Therefore, you have to create a lifestyle that’s sustainable at each point of that journey. And you need sometimes a team of people to support you along that journey, until you no longer have to depend on anybody to help you on that journey. So I hope that helps. I it’s definitely possible.

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Welcome to the RAW AND WELL podcast, a living food and regenerative detoxification podcast.

On this podcast, Vanda Maria shares tips, knowledge and answers to questions about the raw food lifestyle, natural healing, regenerative detoxification and lymphatic iridology following the influence of Dr. Morse’s methods as found in the Detox Miracle Sourcebook: Raw Foods and Herbs for Complete Cellular Regeneration

Vanda studied under and worked with Dr. Robert Morse. She is a certified Level II Detoxification Specialist and Lymphatic Iridology Practitioner. She is a natural healer and living foods coach.

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Episode 007 Can I Cook My Food While Detoxing?


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Vanda Maria


Hello, everyone, Vanda Maria of Raw And Well, thank you for joining me today.

So, I’m answering a question, I got the pool behind me answering the question for you all today. And that question is, uh, can I cook my food on detox when I’m detoxing?

So that’s a great question, right. And so when you’re first starting off, you might have to cook some of your foods, depending where you are on your journey, when you start with the detox process.

And so, when I tried to get a little bit federal lighting here, see if this helps a little bit, just moving the camera around. So basically, when you’re first starting off, you might need to go through that process of elimination, and get into more and more fruits.

But the ultimate goal is to be on fruit for an extended period of time, right. So the way you’re going to do that is by eliminating the things that are definite, no no’s, right.

And whoever you’re working with as part of your protocol, they’ll definitely be able to guide you in that way, right. But what you want to do is get, definitely get away from the cook foods for an extended period of time and allow the body to at each stage of your journey.

Enjoy that stage. Right. So for example, if you start off with just fruit for breakfast, right, doing some lemon water flush first thing in the morning, and then fruit for breakfast.

And then for the rest of the day you do as you were before, and trying to eliminate those things that are high priorities such as dairy products, right?

Big No, no animal products, any animal, protein, grains, and beans, those things, you’re gonna have to slowly come off of those and add more fruits and vegetables in its raw form, until you get to that point where you’re vegan and plant based, right.

So you’re still cooking some of your foods.

And maybe you could do all fruit until lunchtime, have a big salad for lunch. And then for dinner, maybe have a veggie stir fry or some salad with maybe a sweet potato, right, a steamed sweet potato told you off and as you go along on the journey that will eventually fall off.

And that salad that you were having for lunch will move to the dinner time.

And you’ll just have more fruit up until dinner time, right? Until you could do a full day with fruit, and then do two days just through three days and so on and continue on that journey of just fruit. Right?

That’s the ultimate goal. But sometimes, like I said, when we’re transitioning, we have higher priorities and those higher priorities are to eliminate the things that are very harmful and highly mucus forming and also highly acid ash forming, right?

And the things that are going to stimulate the body and that are going to take the body a very long time to process. So we want to get rid of those first. Get into the fruits and veggies as much as possible.

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Episode 006 Can I Drink Anything Besides Water While Detoxing?


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Vanda Maria


Hello everyone, Vanda Maria of Raw And Well, today I am answering a question for you all.

Can I drink anything besides water during detox? So? That’s a great question, right?

There’s many things we could drink. Number one, of course, would be fruit juices, those would be amazing. Also, veggie juices at certain times of detox, veggie juices will also be very helpful.

Definitely, good. mountain spring water, or distilled water would be two of the best choices you could make as far as water is concerned, and you want to drink enough because water is a solvent.

Therefore, you’re diluting the acids that the body is trying to release. And so it will be very helpful to drink water, especially during the first couple of months, that will decrease as the waste starts coming out of the body. So the water is definitely important.

What else can we drink? The next thing would be some herbal teas, right?

That might be in your protocol, or herbal teas that you like to enjoy. In the cold state. Right. So not cold, but room temperature, you don’t want to drink too high.

And you also don’t want to drink them. Ice cold, anything that goes for everything that you consume, you want to at the very least when you consume liquids, you want to swirl them around your mouth.

Or maybe if you can chew a little bit, because that gets the digestive systems started, it all starts in the mouth, the enzymes in the mouth of the alkaline ones. And then once it hits the stomach, that’s where the acidic enzymes that break down the foods that we consume, are released mostly in the stomach.

And so you want to have a good balance there. So you want to really start that digestion in the mouth, even if it’s a juice or tea, because it will be more bio available for you. Right.

So those are some of the things you could drink smoothies, for example, right, a good healthy mix of fruits, or even a mono fruit. And you could certainly water it down as much as you want, or make it as thick as you want.

Now, the difference between that liquid, and you know, having a clear liquid, let’s say an a smoothie, whether it’s a juice, or a tea, right, that’s a more clear liquid that doesn’t really require the digestive system to engage.

But once you have some fiber in that liquid, which would be then something like a nut milk or something like that, and at certain points at the beginning of your detox, you might need to have some of these things, right.

And, of course, you wouldn’t want to mix that nut milk with anything else, especially fruit, right? So, again, making sure that the food combinations are done properly.

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Episode 001 Who Goes To A Detox?


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Vanda Maria


Hello everyone, welcome Vanda Maria of Raw And Well. Today, we will be doing a little short.

And I will be answering a question from a bunch of questions I’ve compiled from clubhouse and from my groups on Facebook and Instagram, etc.

Welcome everyone, today’s question is, who goes on a detox protocol? And why? So, let’s get started with answering that question.

So who goes on a detox protocol and why? So basically, everybody should go on a detox protocol. Unfortunately, most people wait, or only find out about regenerative detoxification, after doing some research, and why I’m here today to help you along your journey into finding the right detox for you.

Right. So unfortunately, most people that come to me that the Morson other regenerative detoxification specialists are people that the way they’ve been doing things has failed them.

And they’re tired of trying different things, different medications, going to different doctors doing different tests, different specialists, trying different diets, whether it’s to lose weight, or whatever it is, right. Instead of doing those things, before this.

These challenges, these symptoms start occurring, it would be a great idea for everybody to practice detoxification, several times a year, right.

But, again, unfortunately, the people that come to us have been failed. And they reach the point that they’re ready to finally try something different, something new, something that will be different and give them a result that they haven’t gotten before. Right.

And, unfortunately, sometimes some of these cases have gone beyond just a regular of detox for maintenance for prevention, right.

So all of these methods that we use, can be used by the average person in small doses several times a year to give the body a break from digesting and do when you know Different cleanses and things right to remove some of that metabolic waste that we accumulate, no matter what our diets are, right?

Just from life itself from everyday life, not just what we put in the things we breathe, the things we put on our skin, etc. Right. So it would be a good idea that we all practice some kind of a detox protocol several times a year, this is for prevention and maintenance of a healthy body. Right.

And we should be doing that from a young age, right? Because we already come here, with genetic weaknesses that we got from past generations, and they could be going back to 810 generations even sometimes, right?

So if we practice cleaning our systems out periodically, and we give our systems of break to do that, from the foods that we’re constantly consuming, we can prevent a lot of this, these dis eases, right, that we start experiencing, from not cleaning our bodies out enough, right.

So when somebody comes to us, it’s usually going to be because they’re experiencing a lot of symptoms, a lot of dis ease, that hasn’t been resolved and has been accumulating in the body.

These obstructions keep getting, you know, more and more, right, and they keep growing. And the body is cleaning them out less and less, because there’s more accumulation.

There’s more constipation, cellular constipation, and lymphatic calm constipation. Because it’s not just what’s happening in the gut, where I mean, the gut has a lot to do with it, right?

That’s where the lymphatic system drains into. But, again, our lymphatic systems, when we’re experienced these things, all embedded systems are starting to fail us they’re starting to have that same, those same obst

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There is a lot of information in the news, on tv and on the internet about natural healing, longevity, eating right, detoxing and more.
 This podcast is not about alcohol rehab, losing weight for a wedding or pumping the latest fad diet.
 The Raw And Well podcast is about helping your body eliminate waste so it can get to the point of natural healing and repair at a cellular level.  
We promote a raw food lifestyle of primarily fruit, herbs and some vegetables.
We promote movement, meditation, breath and mindfulness.
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A couple of times a week, we will post a short podcast and an occasional deep dive podcast to help you on your journey to reaching your health goals. 

On this podcast, Vanda Maria shares tips, knowledge and answers to questions about the raw food lifestyle, natural healing, regenerative detoxification and lymphatic iridology following the influence of Dr. Morse’s methods as found in the Detox Miracle Sourcebook.


Vanda studied under and worked with Dr. Robert Morse. She is a certified Level II Detoxification Specialist and Lymphatic Iridology Practitioner. She is a natural healer and living foods coach.

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Episode 008 How Long Does A Detox Last?


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Vanda Maria


Hello, everyone, Vanda Maria of Raw And Well, today, I am answering another live question.

How long does it detox program last? Okay. I’m gonna start here. And I hope it’s taken in the right way. So when we go into detox, we call it a journey, a lifestyle, we want to develop a lifestyle around detox.

Detox doesn’t happen overnight. It took us decades, and even several generations, why we are feeling the way we’re feeling and why we have come to understand that we need to detox, right?

It’s not about treating the symptoms. It’s about removing the waste accumulation in the body.

Waste could be anything from metabolic waste, from things that we consume, that we put on our bodies that we are around and continue to inhale that right. Anything that you inhale, you’re consuming.

The body has to process that any negative things that we consume, and that were around even other people’s energies will affect how long do we have to detox for.

And so everybody’s going to be different. Everybody is going to have their set of problems that their experience or symptoms, and we don’t want to treat those symptoms, we want to address the root cause and strengthen that.

So the body can then get rid of the symptoms, the symptoms are only there to it’s the body’s way of war warning us and waking us up. But instead, we want things to happen overnight.

We want things to happen. We want instant gratification, right? And that’s not what detox is about. Detox is about creating a lifestyle that is sustainable for you.

At that time, right, and we evolve from there. And that lifestyle, we keep improving 1% better each day one by 1% better version of ourselves today than we were yesterday. Right?

So to go into this, asking, you know, and having that be in our thoughts, it’s only going to slow us down even more, right?

Because worry and fear are going to interfere with how quickly our bodies can release these obstructions, this accumulation we have created in our bodies and our lymphatic system, etc. Right?

All our organs, cells, tissue, everything gets affected, the symptoms are only there again, as warnings, right?

And so we don’t address the symptoms, therefore the body has to go through the process of elimination in order for us to resolve a lot of these symptoms and issues that we’ve created, right. And so the body heals in reverse.

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Episode 005 What Does A Detox Program Involve?


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Vanda Maria


Hello, everyone, Vanda Maria of Raw And Well, today, I’m here answering a question. And I hope it will be helpful on your journey.

And so the question is, what does a detox program involve? Okay, so this question could be answered in many different ways.

And the first thing I’m going to say it, it’s gonna depend right? On the person that you’re working with the professional you’re working with.

So I’m going to speak for myself, and, you know, others will work with their clients in a different way, right, even though they might be using the same modality.

And they might have learned from the same people or person whose modality were putting forward, right.

And so that’s the basis of an it’s the knowledge that we have, how we work with our clients is going to depend how we experienced our own journey, how many clients we’ve worked with, and how much we learn from each client that we work with.

And that going forward, we change things up and kind of learn from our mistakes, our experiences with others, and kind of, you know, use that going forward.

And so for me, what a detox program involves, is really, you know, going through an onboarding process, that’s how things get started, right.

And the first time I speak to my clients, I ask them certain questions, that’s usually during, like, what we call a, a quick call that we have, that we put in place that’s free, right, and we call it a discovery call, right?

And we kind of find out where the person is, and what they’re looking to do. But the onboarding process, the way I work with my clients is always going to be the same, I’m going to need a few things.

Information wise, just like any other practitioner, or even a doctor, right would require from you to initiate to start the process to see what’s going on, right.

And so when you want to work with me, there’s two things that I do that are really important as I send out a health questionnaire that needs to be filled out, and signed and sent back to me, right. And along with that, is also photos of both your right and left thigh.

And I send instructions on how you could achieve that, right. And then that gets submitted to me as well. And I take those two things.

And for me, it’s like putting the puzzle pieces together combining the two which is symptomology.

And the other one is a tool that we use to see what’s going on in your body, right, your cells, the your lymphatic system, your digestive system, all of our different systems, right, and all our different organs and glands, we could see through the iris of our eye.

And of course, since we’re bilateral beings, we need both the right and the left side.

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Episode 004 What Is Regenerative Detox?


regenerative, detoxification, body, detox, clean, metabolic waste, accumulated, deeper level, cells, eliminating, homeostasis, cellular level, breathing, tissue, diet, question, digestive system, obstructions, acids, kidneys


Vanda Maria


Hello everyone. Vanda Maria of Raw And Well, speaking, today,

I am just answering, doing a short on some of the questions that I’ve gathered from questions that I get on clubhouse that I get on in my groups on Facebook, etc.

So I’m going to start with the first one over here on my list that I’ve compiled, and that is what is regenerative detoxification. So that’s the question

I’m answering today. Stay tuned. All right, welcome. Today I’m answering the question, what is regenerative detoxification? So regenerative detoxification is a detox protocol for healing of course, and there’s many different modalities and protocols out there.

So regenerative detoxification, is taught by Dr. Robert Morse. And, of course, I studied with Dr. Robert Morris, and I am a regenerative detox specialist, right.

So basically, what regenerative detoxification is, that we are cleaning the body to a cellular level. And we are regenerating cells and tissue, right. So it’s a deeper kind of detox.

There’s many different detoxes out there, or things that people call detox that are temporary, right? You do a detox juice detox, right people, say for a week.

And that’s great to reset the body, if you’ve done detox before, especially even regenerative detoxification, right?

To do these periodic short term, detoxes is good to move our metabolic wastes that we’ve accumulated. But in order to do these temporary things, we need to get first, get the body clean enough, and get the body clean to that deeper level to a cellular level, and to what tissue level where wherever the body starts repairing itself, and reversing some of the weaknesses that have either been created or genetically been carried on from our ancestors, right from our parents, from our grandparents, etc. Right? So

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