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Creating Vegan Meals Is My Passion

I’m Vanda Maria, Raw Vegan Chef. Raw food is often presented with a giant collection of complicated recipes, my method is a little different.


Deciding to eat a high-raw or even better an all-raw food diet is one of the best decisions you will ever make.

I believe that consuming mostly raw foods is ideal for human health and longevity. Following a raw food diet usually means learning a whole new way to prepare foods.

I’vve struggled at times on my journey and I know it is not always easy. It is a commitment to go raw, but having someone at your side to expand your knowledge, help with tough choices and share helpful tips. And to help you succeed.

I offer one-on-one sessions by telephone, skype, zoom or in person at your home.

Going RAW will absolutely change your body and your life!

I Can Help!

Who Needs A Raw Vegan Coach?


  • Have committed to a raw food diet

  • Struggling to make sense of raw food information you’ve discovered

  • Trying to transition to a raw diet but need a helping hand

  • Confused about how much and which foods to eat

  • Needing tips on recipes and how to make a raw food diet work

  • Unable to consume enough calories to fuel you each day

  • Seeking help with cravings for cooked, animal or processed foods

  • Need help with shopping and having enough raw foods at home

  • Facing a health challenge such as obesity or Type 2 diabetes

Raw Chef Public Speaker

Why choose Raw and Well?

You get a personalized plan according to your needs.

There’s no “one size fits all” solution, especially when it comes to healing from chronic health problems. You are unique, which means your healing plan is unique.

I'll keep you motivated and accountable.

I’m there to keep you motivated, moving forward on your healing journey. I’m there to help keep you accountable to our goals. And to celebrate every step forward.

…But you still have full control of the agenda.

My job is to meet you wherever you are on your healing journey. We work together to come up with a plan that will work for YOU. I’m always looking for feedback from you about how things went in between sessions.

I'm there to answer all your questions and give you personalized advice.

You can Google anything but I’ll give you personalized advice based on your specific needs and/or current situation. 

You get stuck, overwhelmed or facing an obstacle? I'm right there to helps you break through the blocks to continue moving forward

I’m there to give you that extra support and guidance to help move through these blocks I’m there to help you see things from a different perspective and offer solutions.

I can relate to your struggles, I've been there.

If you want to succeed, get a coach. It has been my passion and honor to help a few people with serious health issues. If you are looking for a caring, informed health coach, please consider Vanda Maria of Raw and Well.

A Personal Coach Service

Are you overwhelmed with all the nutrition info out there?

Raw and Well will guide you to break out of our destructive, energy-draining patterns of poor eating, unsuccessful dieting, and stressful living.

A new you is only a phone call or email away. You can’t begin to transform your body if you don’t take that first step. I am here to help you.

Think about your values and goals.

People that eat healthy live longer. My Raw and Well service is not for everybody. I am not your average vegan health coach. If you are looking for a healthy change in the way you eat, Raw and Well is your solution.

Book a free discovery session.

Are we a good fit? Let's get to know each other just a little bit. Let's talk about your goals and see if my services can help you.

Choose a coaching plan that would work best for you.

There is no "One-Size-Fits-All" plan. All of my plans are indiviualized to your specific needs, capabilities and health issues. If you are local to the Venice area, we can meet at my office. For all others, I offer my health coaching via Skye, Facetime, Zoom or other video conferencing.

Prioritize Your Health

I want you to be my next success story. Taking this step is a valuable investment in your health. But your health must take a high priority for you to succeed.

Some of Vanda Maria's Best Qualities


The body has the natural ability to heal itself, my personal technique addresses the detox process from a naturopathic perspective.

I concentrate not only the physical (the symptom and the cause), but also the emotional, mental and spiritual need for cleansing, healing and rejuvenation.

Hi, I am Vanda Maria, healer and owner of Raw And Well company. To help guide you on a path of healing, I use regenerative detoxification as taught by Dr. Morse using iridology eye readings to gain insight to your body’s constitution, tendencies, weaknesses and more.

When I first started my health coach business in 2018, my goal was simple:  To help people improve their bodies to the point that it heals itself.

I am committed to sustainable living by supporting local farming; organic, free trade ingredients; eco-friendly and sustainable harvesting; and being seasonally.

I am committed to reducing my impact on our environment by reducing trash, recycling and composting. I even drive an efficient car.

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