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Vanda Maria’s dynamic presentations inform and inspire to pursue a healthy life.

Hello beautiful soul, it’s an honor to have you visit. Let’s make your next conference amazing by teaching your audience about the power of regeneration, healing and detoxification. I believe when we pay attention to what matters most, we are happier, healthier, more informed, and live longer Let’s chat!

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Why choose Raw and Well?

To bring energy and excitement to a meeting or event. A good event speaker not only educates but also entertains a group. Vanda MAria uses humor, life stories and audience interaction. This makes a more memorable, positive experience for your group members.

You get a customized presentation according to your audience.

There’s no “one size fits all” solution, especially when it comes to healing from chronic health problems. Small group or large, health beginners or hardcore enthusiasts can benefit from  this message.

I'm there to answer all your questions and give you personalized advice.

You can Google all kinds of information but I’ll give you customized presentation specifically for your specific group and/or current event.

Motivating and informative.

I’m there to keep you motivated, moving forward on your healing journey. It would be easy to spew a pile of health facts and bore you. I’m there to help reach your goals. And to celebrate every step forward.

To bring energy and excitement to a meeting or event.

A good event speaker not only educate but also entertains a groups. Vanda Mari uses humor, life stories and audience interaction. This makes for  more memorble, positive experience for your groups members.

…But you still have full control of the agenda.

My job is to meet your group wherever they are on their healing journey. We work together to come up with a plan that will work for YOU. I’m always looking for feedback.

Change the way people see things

Too often people are stuck in their ways, old habits are hard to break. Sometimes, what is needed is a someone else to share their point of view in a different way for the message to get through and to change the way people see things.

A Personable Public Speaker

Whether you’re in need of a new voice at a panel discussion, filling a spot at a health fair, convincing your friendly group to add more vegan options, chasing new health goals or trying to expose your community to new health benefits, one thing you could consider is bringing in Vanda Maria as health speaker.

Boost Drive and Determination

Sometimes, all you need is a gentle push, sometimes you need a cheerleader and sometimes you need a firm hand to guide you through the pitfalls that you know are out there. Vanda Maria has the uncanny knack of reading the crowd and determining what would work best.

Bring in Fresh Ideas

Talking serious health issues, chronic pain and longevity can be tedious and overwhelming. Vanda Maria has a way of sharing new experiences and strategies that are bold and exciting but more importantly they achieve results.

Personal Stories

Vanda Maria has been on a health journey for many years. She has seen health hardships with family and friends, she has overcome health issues that were lifelong and she has helped athletes achieve their personal best. A strong message delivered inside of personal story sems to resonate and inspire. Vanda Maria hopes to leave every audience member inspired to make healthy decisions.

I can relate to your struggles, I've been there.

If you want to succeed, get someone that has taken the journey. It has been my passion and honor to help a few people with serious health issues. If you are looking for a caring, informed health speaker, please consider Vanda Maria of Raw and Well.

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Hi, I am Vanda Maria, healer and owner of Raw And Well company. To help guide you on a path of healing, I use regenerative detoxification as taught by Dr. Morse using iridology eye readings to gain insight to your body’s constitution, tendencies, weaknesses and more.

When I first started my health coach business in 2018, my goal was simple:  To help people improve their bodies to the point that it heals itself.

I am committed to sustainable living by supporting local farming; organic,  free trade ingredients; eco-friendly and sustainable harvesting; and being seasonally.

I am committed to reducing my impact on our environment by reducing trash, recycling and composting. I even drive an efficient car.

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