Episode 010 Will I Get Sick While Detoxing?


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Vanda Maria


Hello there, Vanda Maria here speaking.

Today I am answering a question, will I get sick while detoxing?

So, that’s an interesting question, right?

What brings us to detox to begin with?

Right? Is it a failed system? Is it because we’re tired, tired of approaching things the same way over and over and expecting different results, but there’s never the result that we’re looking for, right.

And so maybe we’ve opened up to different ways of going about these things, right. And we decide to approach them in a different way going forward.

Right. And so we might already be experiencing some kind of dis ease in the body, we don’t like to call it diseases, right?

It’s more of a dis ease. It’s the body communicating to us and letting us know that there’s things going on that we need to address, right.

And we don’t need to address the symptoms, because that’s what the body, how the body communicates with us, right is through the symptoms, and we experience pain, and what we call sickness, right?

And dis ease in the body. And, you know, the medical community likes to put a lot of names to these symptoms, right? And approach things in a little bit of a different way. Right.

So we’ve opened ourselves up to a different way of approaching this. And sometimes those symptoms that we were experiencing, right before we decided to do something about it a little bit differently, may re occur, they may start to go away a little bit, and we feel good. Because of the changes we’re making, right?

And the body’s still a little bit confused. And it’s trying to figure out what we’re trying to do. So at the beginning, we might have these up and downs right?

On how we approach it from the beginning is really important, right? deciphering where the body is in that moment, and how far we can take a each step of the way is really important on so how we approach these, this process is really important, right?

We don’t need to go crazy, all out, right and trying to do everything at once because it took time to get to where we are, right? So since the body heals in reverse, right.

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