This is Vanda Maria of Raw and Well

Transition Coaching

A Transition Coach

Are you desperate for a solution to your persistent ailments? Do you want to extend your longevity? Do you want to reduce chronic pain and stiffness? Do you foresee a bleak health future?

  • Collections of prescription bottles and their side effects
  • Wheelchair
  • Amputation
  • Dialysis
  • Avoidable surgeries
  • Mind-numbing pain killers
  • Morbidly obese
  • Tumors, growths and lesions

Do not despair. I can help you transition to a fruitarian lifestyle.

I believe your body can heal itself when it is operating optimally. And I believe, your body will work optimally when toxins are reduced drastically or eliminated completely.

And I believe, you can reach that state of health by following a strict fruitarian lifestyle.

A lot of my clients have made their way through the Western medical system and were feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and looking for some personal guidance.I have helped them and I can help you! Let’s Get Started!

Are you ready to make a drastic change to your health?

As your Transition Coach, I’ll be a supportive mentor. I will help you feel your best through individualized food and lifestyle changes that are driven by your unique needs and health goals.

This is Vanda Maria of Raw and Well
Delicious Fruit

Why is a transition necessary?

Most people on an omnivore diet cannot immediately switch to a fruitarian diet. Very few people are able to become a fruitarian overnight.

Change is hard - lifelong habits and old school information are constantly working against you. We must undo years of bad habits.

Once you’ve made the decision to commit to optimize your body to heal.

I’ll help you transition safely from wherever you are on your health goals to a place where you will notice significant changes.

Simple roadblocks can derail your efforts and return you to a previous condition. I’m here to help you succeed.

Does Fruitarian Work?

This is not a cure. This lifestyle change will transform your body by eliminating what is bad going into your body from your diet, environment and life. Fruitarian is not a diet, it’s a way of life.

Dr. Morse advocates that the origin of most of humanity’s health problems is that we’ve forgotten what our food is. … FRUIT.  Raw fruit contains what our bodies thrive on. Fruit is the best and most natural food for the human body.

When we stop consuming foods that encourages our body to produce mucus and acidosis, our lymphatic system works better and eliminates toxins. Transitioning to a diet of raw fruit, select herbs and tinctures will encourage your body to begin healing itself.

Melon and Orange Juice

What does transition coaching entail?

Small steps can lead to big change, and I’ll be there every step of the way to help you reach your health goals.

Every client’s needs and goals are different, but the common thread of my clients is they are empowered to make changes and they have control of their health again.

Coaching is effective for people managing a variety of health conditions. There is so much information to sift through, Raw and Well helps you take your health goals to a new level.

My goal is to help you feel better. Taking a step further, it’s important to note that I’m not for everyone. My services are for people willing to commit to making a drastic change in their lifestyle, willing to eliminate bad habits and learn a new paradigm. Trust in the process that their body has the ability to heal itself.

These things seem simple to some but in practice, they often take a support system to implement.

When a client first comes on, they’ll fill out a health assessment questionnaire, to give Vanda an idea of where the client currently is, and what concerns they have about their health.

Our sessions can be held in person or virtually, using Skype, Zoom, Facetime or over the phone. It’s easy.

Each client is different. Some of your efforts will be hard, some will be easy. Some changes will be immediate and some will take a long time but it all starts with you taking the first step.

What is the long-term goal of working with Vanda Maria?

My goal is to empower my clients and to help them be able to understand the tidal wave of wellness information out there.

I’m here to support you in making good decisions for yourself to support a lifestyle that will help you feel physically and mentally fantastic.

To improve the food you eat, the air you breath, the chemicals in your world and reduce them to their absolute minimums. So, your body is not overworked trying to eliminate them. Then awaken the healing power your body is capable of.

Some modifications will be step-by-step tips to alleviate problems that might not seem directly related to another issue. Many times, we are so preoccupied with our day-to-day routines, we can’t see simple solutions to issues we’ve been dealing with for a lifetime.

The long-term goal is to have you fully transition to a living food diet that fuels your cells, encourages your body to eliminate waste efficiently and promotes your body to heal itself.

Smiling Vanda

The bottom line

Many of my clients come to me at the end of their wits. One detox will not change years of neglect and accumulation, this is not a fad diet. This plan will change your life.

Since everybody is at a different level, Vanda Maria is available to work with your needs on an individual basis in order to assist you in creating a plan that you can be successful with.

There are no cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all solutions. This is not a weekend detox. Our services intend to change your body so your cells can begin to regenerate themselves. Let’s get started!