Episode 004 What Is Regenerative Detox?


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Vanda Maria


Hello everyone. Vanda Maria of Raw And Well, speaking, today,

I am just answering, doing a short on some of the questions that I’ve gathered from questions that I get on clubhouse that I get on in my groups on Facebook, etc.

So I’m going to start with the first one over here on my list that I’ve compiled, and that is what is regenerative detoxification. So that’s the question

I’m answering today. Stay tuned. All right, welcome. Today I’m answering the question, what is regenerative detoxification? So regenerative detoxification is a detox protocol for healing of course, and there’s many different modalities and protocols out there.

So regenerative detoxification, is taught by Dr. Robert Morse. And, of course, I studied with Dr. Robert Morris, and I am a regenerative detox specialist, right.

So basically, what regenerative detoxification is, that we are cleaning the body to a cellular level. And we are regenerating cells and tissue, right. So it’s a deeper kind of detox.

There’s many different detoxes out there, or things that people call detox that are temporary, right? You do a detox juice detox, right people, say for a week.

And that’s great to reset the body, if you’ve done detox before, especially even regenerative detoxification, right?

To do these periodic short term, detoxes is good to move our metabolic wastes that we’ve accumulated. But in order to do these temporary things, we need to get first, get the body clean enough, and get the body clean to that deeper level to a cellular level, and to what tissue level where wherever the body starts repairing itself, and reversing some of the weaknesses that have either been created or genetically been carried on from our ancestors, right from our parents, from our grandparents, etc. Right? So

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