Episode 007 Can I Cook My Food While Detoxing?


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Vanda Maria


Hello, everyone, Vanda Maria of Raw And Well, thank you for joining me today.

So, I’m answering a question, I got the pool behind me answering the question for you all today. And that question is, uh, can I cook my food on detox when I’m detoxing?

So that’s a great question, right. And so when you’re first starting off, you might have to cook some of your foods, depending where you are on your journey, when you start with the detox process.

And so, when I tried to get a little bit federal lighting here, see if this helps a little bit, just moving the camera around. So basically, when you’re first starting off, you might need to go through that process of elimination, and get into more and more fruits.

But the ultimate goal is to be on fruit for an extended period of time, right. So the way you’re going to do that is by eliminating the things that are definite, no no’s, right.

And whoever you’re working with as part of your protocol, they’ll definitely be able to guide you in that way, right. But what you want to do is get, definitely get away from the cook foods for an extended period of time and allow the body to at each stage of your journey.

Enjoy that stage. Right. So for example, if you start off with just fruit for breakfast, right, doing some lemon water flush first thing in the morning, and then fruit for breakfast.

And then for the rest of the day you do as you were before, and trying to eliminate those things that are high priorities such as dairy products, right?

Big No, no animal products, any animal, protein, grains, and beans, those things, you’re gonna have to slowly come off of those and add more fruits and vegetables in its raw form, until you get to that point where you’re vegan and plant based, right.

So you’re still cooking some of your foods.

And maybe you could do all fruit until lunchtime, have a big salad for lunch. And then for dinner, maybe have a veggie stir fry or some salad with maybe a sweet potato, right, a steamed sweet potato told you off and as you go along on the journey that will eventually fall off.

And that salad that you were having for lunch will move to the dinner time.

And you’ll just have more fruit up until dinner time, right? Until you could do a full day with fruit, and then do two days just through three days and so on and continue on that journey of just fruit. Right?

That’s the ultimate goal. But sometimes, like I said, when we’re transitioning, we have higher priorities and those higher priorities are to eliminate the things that are very harmful and highly mucus forming and also highly acid ash forming, right?

And the things that are going to stimulate the body and that are going to take the body a very long time to process. So we want to get rid of those first. Get into the fruits and veggies as much as possible.

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