Episode 006 Can I Drink Anything Besides Water While Detoxing?


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Vanda Maria


Hello everyone, Vanda Maria of Raw And Well, today I am answering a question for you all.

Can I drink anything besides water during detox? So? That’s a great question, right?

There’s many things we could drink. Number one, of course, would be fruit juices, those would be amazing. Also, veggie juices at certain times of detox, veggie juices will also be very helpful.

Definitely, good. mountain spring water, or distilled water would be two of the best choices you could make as far as water is concerned, and you want to drink enough because water is a solvent.

Therefore, you’re diluting the acids that the body is trying to release. And so it will be very helpful to drink water, especially during the first couple of months, that will decrease as the waste starts coming out of the body. So the water is definitely important.

What else can we drink? The next thing would be some herbal teas, right?

That might be in your protocol, or herbal teas that you like to enjoy. In the cold state. Right. So not cold, but room temperature, you don’t want to drink too high.

And you also don’t want to drink them. Ice cold, anything that goes for everything that you consume, you want to at the very least when you consume liquids, you want to swirl them around your mouth.

Or maybe if you can chew a little bit, because that gets the digestive systems started, it all starts in the mouth, the enzymes in the mouth of the alkaline ones. And then once it hits the stomach, that’s where the acidic enzymes that break down the foods that we consume, are released mostly in the stomach.

And so you want to have a good balance there. So you want to really start that digestion in the mouth, even if it’s a juice or tea, because it will be more bio available for you. Right.

So those are some of the things you could drink smoothies, for example, right, a good healthy mix of fruits, or even a mono fruit. And you could certainly water it down as much as you want, or make it as thick as you want.

Now, the difference between that liquid, and you know, having a clear liquid, let’s say an a smoothie, whether it’s a juice, or a tea, right, that’s a more clear liquid that doesn’t really require the digestive system to engage.

But once you have some fiber in that liquid, which would be then something like a nut milk or something like that, and at certain points at the beginning of your detox, you might need to have some of these things, right.

And, of course, you wouldn’t want to mix that nut milk with anything else, especially fruit, right? So, again, making sure that the food combinations are done properly.

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