Episode 001 Who Goes To A Detox?


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Vanda Maria


Hello everyone, welcome Vanda Maria of Raw And Well. Today, we will be doing a little short.

And I will be answering a question from a bunch of questions I’ve compiled from clubhouse and from my groups on Facebook and Instagram, etc.

Welcome everyone, today’s question is, who goes on a detox protocol? And why? So, let’s get started with answering that question.

So who goes on a detox protocol and why? So basically, everybody should go on a detox protocol. Unfortunately, most people wait, or only find out about regenerative detoxification, after doing some research, and why I’m here today to help you along your journey into finding the right detox for you.

Right. So unfortunately, most people that come to me that the Morson other regenerative detoxification specialists are people that the way they’ve been doing things has failed them.

And they’re tired of trying different things, different medications, going to different doctors doing different tests, different specialists, trying different diets, whether it’s to lose weight, or whatever it is, right. Instead of doing those things, before this.

These challenges, these symptoms start occurring, it would be a great idea for everybody to practice detoxification, several times a year, right.

But, again, unfortunately, the people that come to us have been failed. And they reach the point that they’re ready to finally try something different, something new, something that will be different and give them a result that they haven’t gotten before. Right.

And, unfortunately, sometimes some of these cases have gone beyond just a regular of detox for maintenance for prevention, right.

So all of these methods that we use, can be used by the average person in small doses several times a year to give the body a break from digesting and do when you know Different cleanses and things right to remove some of that metabolic waste that we accumulate, no matter what our diets are, right?

Just from life itself from everyday life, not just what we put in the things we breathe, the things we put on our skin, etc. Right. So it would be a good idea that we all practice some kind of a detox protocol several times a year, this is for prevention and maintenance of a healthy body. Right.

And we should be doing that from a young age, right? Because we already come here, with genetic weaknesses that we got from past generations, and they could be going back to 810 generations even sometimes, right?

So if we practice cleaning our systems out periodically, and we give our systems of break to do that, from the foods that we’re constantly consuming, we can prevent a lot of this, these dis eases, right, that we start experiencing, from not cleaning our bodies out enough, right.

So when somebody comes to us, it’s usually going to be because they’re experiencing a lot of symptoms, a lot of dis ease, that hasn’t been resolved and has been accumulating in the body.

These obstructions keep getting, you know, more and more, right, and they keep growing. And the body is cleaning them out less and less, because there’s more accumulation.

There’s more constipation, cellular constipation, and lymphatic calm constipation. Because it’s not just what’s happening in the gut, where I mean, the gut has a lot to do with it, right?

That’s where the lymphatic system drains into. But, again, our lymphatic systems, when we’re experienced these things, all embedded systems are starting to fail us they’re starting to have that same, those same obst

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