Episode 003 Food Sensitivity Can I Detox?

003 Food Sensitivity Can I Detox

Thu, 8/25 3:30PM • 6:23


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Vanda Maria


Hello, everyone. Welcome Vanda Maria of Raw And Well.

Today I am here to answer a question. And the question is, I have a food sensitivity. Can I still detox? So let’s address that. And let’s start. Why do we have this food sensitivity? Right.

And for me, the best way I could explain a food sensitivity is the body’s being overburdened with toxics and toxins and overburden with acids floating around and starting to eat away at the cells and the tissue around the cells because it starts a granulating.

And there’s blockages and the lymphatic system can’t flow properly through there to do its cleaning. And so we start accumulating a lot of these things that the body can’t get rid of. And so these toxins start overburdening the body and the body can no longer process some of these things. So it depends what the food sensitivity is.

But in my experience, with myself that used to be allergic to pretty much almost everything, not a lot of foods, but yes, dairy, etc, right.

And so this didn’t just one day, show up, it built up to that day one, it does show up. And so when the body is overburdened, the lymphatic system is not flowing properly, and the body can no longer process some foods and some toxins, and it starts showing us and giving us warnings and letting us know, you need to address some things, right. But instead, we depend on treating that symptom.

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