Episode 002 Will I Be In Pain Detox?

002 Will I be in pain detox

Thu, 8/25 3:30PM • 9:36


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Vanda Maria


Hello there, Vanda Maria of Raw And Well, today I’m answering some more questions. And so the question is, will I be in pain while on detox? So will I be in pain?

That’s a question that is kind of popular, right? Am I gonna not be in pain? But let’s say, you know, am I gonna be happy having reoccurring symptoms Right?

Or while detoxing, and so first, we need to understand that detox works in reverse, right?

So we heal backwards, right. So the body is constantly dealing with what’s coming in, and never has enough time to go on to the deeper levels of detoxing, right, it just cleans what’s coming in, because it’s overloaded with toxicity.

We keep, we eat too much, right, so the body is constantly digesting.

And it doesn’t have enough time to heal those eight hours at night, most of the time, the body’s still even digesting and processing food that we ate during the day, and metabolic waste from that day’s food or from the day before even right.

So what what detox is that we give the body a break, by giving it the right conditions, we give the body a break from digesting so much.

And so it can start concentrating on the healing part, right, and get into the deeper levels of cleaning house, right of eliminating waste.

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