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There is a lot of information in the news, on tv and on the internet about natural healing, longevity, eating right, detoxing and more.
 This podcast is not about alcohol rehab, losing weight for a wedding or pumping the latest fad diet.
 The Raw And Well podcast is about helping your body eliminate waste so it can get to the point of natural healing and repair at a cellular level.  
We promote a raw food lifestyle of primarily fruit, herbs and some vegetables.
We promote movement, meditation, breath and mindfulness.
And lean heavily on the teachings of Dr. Robert Morse.
A couple of times a week, we will post a short podcast and an occasional deep dive podcast to help you on your journey to reaching your health goals. 

On this podcast, Vanda Maria shares tips, knowledge and answers to questions about the raw food lifestyle, natural healing, regenerative detoxification and lymphatic iridology following the influence of Dr. Morse’s methods as found in the Detox Miracle Sourcebook.


Vanda studied under and worked with Dr. Robert Morse. She is a certified Level II Detoxification Specialist and Lymphatic Iridology Practitioner. She is a natural healer and living foods coach.

Visit rawandwell.com for more information

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