Episode 008 How Long Does A Detox Last?


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Vanda Maria


Hello, everyone, Vanda Maria of Raw And Well, today, I am answering another live question.

How long does it detox program last? Okay. I’m gonna start here. And I hope it’s taken in the right way. So when we go into detox, we call it a journey, a lifestyle, we want to develop a lifestyle around detox.

Detox doesn’t happen overnight. It took us decades, and even several generations, why we are feeling the way we’re feeling and why we have come to understand that we need to detox, right?

It’s not about treating the symptoms. It’s about removing the waste accumulation in the body.

Waste could be anything from metabolic waste, from things that we consume, that we put on our bodies that we are around and continue to inhale that right. Anything that you inhale, you’re consuming.

The body has to process that any negative things that we consume, and that were around even other people’s energies will affect how long do we have to detox for.

And so everybody’s going to be different. Everybody is going to have their set of problems that their experience or symptoms, and we don’t want to treat those symptoms, we want to address the root cause and strengthen that.

So the body can then get rid of the symptoms, the symptoms are only there to it’s the body’s way of war warning us and waking us up. But instead, we want things to happen overnight.

We want things to happen. We want instant gratification, right? And that’s not what detox is about. Detox is about creating a lifestyle that is sustainable for you.

At that time, right, and we evolve from there. And that lifestyle, we keep improving 1% better each day one by 1% better version of ourselves today than we were yesterday. Right?

So to go into this, asking, you know, and having that be in our thoughts, it’s only going to slow us down even more, right?

Because worry and fear are going to interfere with how quickly our bodies can release these obstructions, this accumulation we have created in our bodies and our lymphatic system, etc. Right?

All our organs, cells, tissue, everything gets affected, the symptoms are only there again, as warnings, right?

And so we don’t address the symptoms, therefore the body has to go through the process of elimination in order for us to resolve a lot of these symptoms and issues that we’ve created, right. And so the body heals in reverse.

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