You have probably heard of the terms “living food”, “raw food”, “raw living” or “raw foodism” and you are intrigued and curious about what these terms denote.

Getting started on a raw food diet is not all that difficult but does require some attention to your body to the foods you will be buying and preparing. For some people there really isn’t much preparation involved, while for others there is more. Preparation will basically be a matter of taste and choice.

However, in starting a raw food diet there are some things you should know about it before you do.

First and foremost

Being new to the raw food diet, you should call Raw and Well for guidance. Switching to a raw food diet will cause your body will go through changes initially and some of those changes could impact your overall health.

What is live food? What is raw foodism and the raw food diet? Understanding these terms are really quite simple. I am here to answer these questions as well as explain why people eat raw food and have gone raw. You may be amazed at the benefits of this lifestyle, and perhaps you will conclude you are ready to choose this path!