What is Iridology?  Iridology is a way to “look inside” the body.  It does not diagnose, but it can be of great value in understanding your health, your dddddddd and your kkkkkkkkkkkk. Each eye contains a map of the human body. Iridology is the practice of analyzing the eyes of a person to determine the state of their health at present and address future possible risks before they happen.

The iris shows the stages of inflammation, inherent weaknesses, toxic materials, mineral deficiencies, drug deposits, parasites, mechanical processes such as the prolapsus of the transverse colon.  The iris reveals what is wrong and where it is wrong.  The reading of the iris gives enough information to intervene nutritionally, or through other alternative protocols.



Through iridology, I study markings and colors in the iris of the eye and their correlations with Health issues.

How It Works

To do a reading, we utilize a specialized lighted eye scope and looks into the Iris then takes an image of your left and right iris for an analysis. Information is obtained through Iridology analysis and with individual sessions with her clients.

Raw and Well then provides nutritional, herbal and lifestyle guidance. Based on your specific reading and/or session, a protocol is developed specifically tailored to meet your needs and goals.


Eye Readings by Vanda Azevedo, Certified Iridologist, Certified Herbalist, Nutritional Consultant.